Huzizit ?


Some scenarios where Huzizit could help you out:

The Conference

You are invited to speak at an international conference, and have endured a ten-hour plane flight to get there, bringing with you your laptop which has your presentation loaded on it, along with your appointment manager, address book and other critical data.

Before your afternoon presentation, the conference organizer treats you to lunch at an expensive restaurant. In the taxi after leaving the restuarant, your cellphone rings. It is the restaurant manager, calling to say that you had left your laptop behind. Fortunately, you had placed a Huzizit sticker on your laptop and listed your cellphone number on your member page, with a note that you were travelling.

The Course Notes

Just before the final exams, you can't find your course notes. You were sure you'd left them in your room, but they're not there. Maybe they're in the library, or perhaps the cafeteria, or .... . Just then, you get an email from a fellow student named Matt. Seems he's found your notes in the gym. You hadn't wanted to put your phone number on your books, in case some creep saw it and started calling you, but luckily you'd put your Huzizit member ID. You send a grateful note to Matt, saying you'll be right over to pick up your notes. He seems kind of cute...
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