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About Security

Huzizit uses two methods to ensure the security and privacy of your data: an encrypted database and SSL technology.


SSL technology encrypts data between your browser and our server. This means that your password and private contact information cannot be read on the Internet at a company firewall, ISP, or other location. It also provides assurance that we are who we say we are, and that your data is going to Huzizit and not to someone pretending to be us. You can view our SSL certificate by using the "about security" feature in your browser. The certificate authority checks our identity before issuing the certificate; you can read about their procedures on their website.

You can read more about SSL technology at Crypto FAQ, Netscape's Understanding Security page, Microsoft's New to Security page, etc.

Encrypted Database

Huzizit uses an encrypted database to store your personal data. This means that backup and archived copies of the data will also be encrypted, and makes it extremely difficult for an unauthorized person to read it if they should somehow obtain a discarded disk or intercept data on the Internet.

Every effort is taken to ensure the security of the Huzizit server, and access is limited to trusted personnel. However, since the server must be connected to the Internet, and must operate on unencrypted data internally, it is theoretically possible for an unauthorized person (a hacker) to obtain access to data by analyzing our software. For this reason Huzizit does not unconditionally guarantee the security of your data. The same proviso applies to all online sites - government, financial, ISP etc.

Disaster Recovery

Huzizit maintains backup copies of the database at remote undisclosed locations. In the event of a serious problem with the main server it is anticipated that the database may be recovered within a few days. However, Huzizit currently does not have the resources to recover quickly from a major disaster (a meteor strike, for instance) affecting the Vancouver region or loss of key personnel. As Huzizit expands, these issues will be addressed.
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