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Sign up for a 1-year membership (includes up to 20 items) using your credit card. You will be billed
USD $20
by Internet Billing Company of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US, using their secure server.

Your name as it appears on your credit card, and credit card billing address are required by iBill for credit card authentication. They are not passed to Huzizit. You must enter them again later if you require them as part of your contact information.
Please fill in address fields correctly. Zip codes (Post Code in Canada, UK) must be in proper format as recommended by your Postal Authority (e.g. uppercase). Too many verification failures will cause your credit card number to be blocked by iBill.

If your browser is able to establish a secure connection to Huzizit, but is not able to do so for iBill, you may use the payment button below:
This is not normally recommended.

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