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If you have forgotten your password, you may use this form to request it. For added security, your password will not be sent directly. Instead, you will be mailed a unique URL to allow you to retrieve it from our secure server.
You will need your Huzizit Member ID. If you have forgotten your ID, you can search for one of your registered items.

If you paid by credit card with our billing partner, but were unable to complete the transaction at Huzizit due to a network or computer failure, use the failed transaction page. You will need the PIN number and transaction code from the approval page at our billing partner. If you did not receive a transaction code, pleasse check your credit card statement (some banks allow online access to your account). Without a transaction code, Huzizit has no proof that you have paid.

Browser and Security Problems

Huzizit uses a secure server certificate issued by Thawte. Most modern browsers will accept the Thawte root certificate with no modification.

Some older browsers may require a new root certificate to be loaded. Please see the Thawte Browser Compatibility page for details, or download the certificate from here directly.

For security and privacy reasons, access to the Huzizit database is restricted to SSL transactions. If you need access to the search facility only, you may use this page.

Contact Huzizit

If you are unable to resolve your problem, you may contact Huzizit directly: Note that we do not have a large staff and that response to enquiries may sometimes be delayed.

When reporting problems, please include your member ID. For payment enquiries, please include your tracking codes. Do not include your credit card number. For Web-related problems, please include the date and time, your timezone and preferably your IP address.

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